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Oh, the places you'll go

Oh, the places you'll go


Monday, December 12, 2016

Embark on the Journey of Fear and Change

Y'all, I'm here. I made it. I'm in Germany clinging to the youth I have left and beginning this new 15 month adventure. This place is a fairy tale land. Here is home for now:

Looking at the Alpspitze. I live here?

Not sure what lies ahead but I know it is more good than anything else. My head is on straight and I'm focused on the task ahead. I understand what fuels my drive, but I am not exactly sure how to make it a sustainable passion for the long run. Isn't that the key to happiness?.. Find something you love to do first and the money will follow. I love to travel and help people. I'm sure there are hundereds of ways for me to satisfy this personal need, and I will find at least one. Now I understand this is only the beginning of a majorly unknown journey. There will be tribulations along with great times but I will meet all of it with an open mind head on.

They say there are two ways to look at fear. You are either the type that fear enables you or you are the type that gets motivated by it. Mankind would get nowhere with the former. Come to think, I have been the former and I have struggled with developing my mindset to embrace change. Although, change is the only constant, realize this and change becomes much easier. Unless you are born into adversity, it's a process to develop.

To be completely honest, when I was offered this opportunity, I made hundreds of excuses as to why I simply could not embark on the quest, and each one satisfied the underlying fear and doubt that was in the back of my mind. The "But I have a decent job", "But what about your family", "But what about world relations", thoughts began to flood my mind and I began to dig deeper into world events the internet told me about. I was legitimately scared to move, let alone go across the world for a job. My mind, flooded by a river of cortisol because I was afraid of the unknown. This went on for a week or so, until I realized exactly who the hell I am.

I am strong. I am a bull. I don't back down or give in to negativity and naysayers and I never have. I stand up for what I believe is right. What type of man would let a dream die in the name of fear? No man I know or want to associate with. No man who can make a change. No man who will succeed. I am not this man. I love challenges, and I am here to step up to this quest. My subconscious mind had tried to sabotage my success by wanting the easy road and this is where fear collided with change and I met the crossroads. Many would let the change bringing on the advent of dreams and goals succumb to fear and stay with the safety net when life calls.

Life was calling. I answered. Will you?

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